NiA Pharmaceuticals is 100% West Australian owned company with a range of medical devices, quality consumables, pharmaceuticals and pharmacy ownership. At NiA Pharma, we work to sustain both quality and value for money. Our team is constantly working on expanding into diverse product portfolios which is driven by deep insight to make quality and affordable products.

NiA is committed to its core values of quality, responsibility and professionalism. Our strategy and integrity are solely based on the possible positive impact in the lives of our valued customers.

We supply quality medical products to major distributors in Australia and New Zealand and are exploring the options to supply other countries.

List of Pharmacies in Perth, WA

Our Pharmacies at Perth, WA offer a broad range of pharmacy services with a holistic approach to cater to all your health needs..!

Products Available

Sterile Eye Wash
$24.95 (GST Extra)
Quick PregCheck
$13.95 (GST Extra)
Alpha Instant-View® Rapid Pregnancy Tests
$18.95 (GST Extra)
EasyDay® Multi-Action Spray
$18.95 (GST Extra)
NiA ECG Electrodes (NT 3650)
$12.95 (GST Extra)
NiA Biopsy Punch
$42.00 (GST Extra)
NiA Surgical Blade
$20.50 (GST Extra)
NiA Disposable Scalpel
$15.45 (GST Extra)

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